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When you come to Bakery House you will experience Lebanese cuisine in its purest and most delicious form making the experience so unique amongst the array of restaurants available in Reading. Your visit to Bakery House will always be worthwhile because we offer such a wide variety and choice of meals giving you different options every time you visit, or offering you the consistently delicious Lebanese meals you crave for. Our chefs transform the freshest and most delicious British ingredients to bring you top quality cuisine with the right amount of flare, beautiful presentation and wonderful taste.

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Another factor special to Bakery House is that everything on the main menu is available to order all throughout the day, however we offer two specialty menus, happy hour and the lunch menu.

The happy hour and lunch menus are available to order between twelve noon and four in the afternoon and have amazing taster dishes for you to try at a special price which allows you to enjoy more for less.


Our freshly baked bread topped with delicious flavours such as spiced lamb or zartar will take you back to the familiar flavours of Beirut and send your tastebuds on an adventure.


Lunchtime at Bakery House gives you endless exciting options from the traditional grilled meat sandwiches or a light shawarma to dips with fresh breads for a lighter option.


At dinner the options range from a full platter of chargrilled meat or chicken, succulent sea bass or saucy shellfish, as well as a sit down  experience with your family or friends.


Bakery Houses also have expertise in a traditional selection of Lebanese desserts and puddings from silky smooth mahallabia to nutty sweet baclawa as well as savoury.

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Our Menu

Bakery House can offer and the customer can enjoy a variety of different
bites or one delicious and substantial meal.


  • Homemade Bread
  • White Rice


  • Kibbah Shamieh
  • Falafel V


  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Zaatar and Cheese V

Exciting news!!

Exciting news!! Bakery House also now caters fresh and beautiful Lebanese food in large numbers for all your events including birthday parties, engagements, weddings, commercial office parties, and all other events you can think of ! The good thing about Bakery House is we have a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes and we always do our best to cater to your specific diets try needs. Also we are willing to go the extra mile for all our customers and do our best to accommodate your every desire. Call and ask to speak to a manager for any more information.
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